About Us

What We Offer - Bridging the Gap - An Intensive Academic Remediation Program

Willow provides an outstanding research based academic remediation program

For students that are below grade level in reading and/or math and are diagnosed with learning disorders such as dyslexia (reading), dyscalculia (math), dysgraphia (writing), auditory processing deficits, and mild speech and language difficulties, Willow Schools is the perfect environment.

Small Class Environments create the structure for maximizing learning achievement

Math, Reading, and English: 10:1 student to teacher ratio
Science, Social Studies, and Other Classes: 12:1 student to teacher ratio

Remediation, Accommodations, and Modifications are the focus of closing the academic gaps for our population of students

Grades 1-7 Intensive Remediation: Students who struggle in Math and/or Reading are placed in classes according to where they are currently performing, not based on their traditional grade level. This allows each student the chance to pick up any information (fill in the gaps) he/she may have missed in a more traditional classroom setting. Our ongoing focus is to close the academic gap so our students can transition into a more traditional educational setting.

Grades 8-12 Grade Level Work: All students are exposed to grade level materials throughout the day. Textbooks are lower readability (larger font, more illustrations, and less text on the page) and students are placed in classes based on their Reading, Math, and/or Writing abilities. This allows our teaching staff to modify/adjust the lesson plans to meet the appropriate level of each class of students whether they need remedial, grade level, or above grade level instruction. Our focus is to provide appropriate accommodations and modifications allowing a student the best opportunity to earn his/her standard diploma.

Sound field systems improve the quality of the listening environment

A sound field system is integrated into each classroom which enhances the student's ability to benefit from the curriculum.

Highly Qualified Professionals provide a meaningful and exciting academic experience for our students

Our professionals are educational experts who are experienced in leadership and trained in specialized instructional methodology providing complete support to students in our positive learning environment.

Each student is evaluated using diagnostic assessments in the areas of Math, Reading, Written Language, and Spelling

Diagnostic assessments are norm referenced, scientifically validated, and research-supported. Assessment results are a good indication of the individual's strengths and weaknesses, and assist Willow in placing the student in his/her academic classes.

A special emphasis on the development of language and communication skills

This is a key element to the successes experienced by our students. Whereas most schools provide language remediation on an as-needed basis, at Willow, language remediation is integrated into the curriculum for all students.